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Transparency & Traceability

“Economy of Love” is a certification standard developed by SEKEM in partnership with Fairtrade International, an organization that aims to help producers in developing countries create better working conditions and promote sustainability. 

The Economy of Love standard was developed to bring full transparency to the supply chain. Its goal is to create an ethical and sustainable business practice that protects both nature and people. We believe that through a transparent economic system, responsible consumers and producers can actively protect nature and ensure that every person involved is fairly compensated and protected from exploitation. 

“Economy of Love” encompasses a community of companies, farms, and consumers working to create a system based on respect and compassion towards people and nature. This is the farm-to-home textiles revolution!



Economy of Love Core Values

Love, fairness, collaboration, responsibility, transparency



Economy of Love is a commitment to full transparency and a promise that each and every step of our supply chain is intentional and ethical. 

Through impacTrace, we aim to give our customers answers to the following questions:

-What is my impact on the environment ?

-What impact am I having on helping people reach their full potential?

-What is my impact on society?

-What is the True Cost of my product?

We are working to provide the answers to all of these questions for every single product we create, giving you peace of mind that your purchase is making a positive difference. 

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Meet the Farmers

Ahmed Tawfik
Ashry Sakaran 
Gomaa Hassan
Mahmoud Rabiea