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All of our products are made sustainably, with GMO-free, GOTS certified organic cotton. We take a “life-centered” approach that guides us to live and work in harmony with nature. In this way, we not only reduce our ecological footprint, but also contribute to making the land and soil healthier than we found it.




Why choose organic? The best choice for you, your baby, and the planet


What is GOTS, and why is it important?


Biodynamic: Going beyond organic


In our commitment to people and the planet, we take what it means to be organic a step further. All of our farmers use biodynamic agriculture. This is a sustainable form of agriculture where animals, crops, and soil are treated holistically as a single living system without introducing any outside fertilizers. 

All of our cotton farms are certified biodynamic to the Demeter international biodynamic standard.

“Biodynamic farming is about enabling diversity – of the farm, landscape and garden, always putting living ecological systems first [...] In constant, respectful touch with earth, plants, animals and people.” - Demeter Biodynamic Federation


We’re proudly Carbon Neutral 


Carbon credits provide a way for companies to compensate for their carbon footprint and combat climate change, often by paying someone else to reduce or capture their carbon through investment in environmental projects. 

SEKEM uses the Economy of Love carbon credits system co-created in partnership with Fair Trade International and the Egyptian Biodynamic Association to measure any CO2 emissions from our supply chain and ensure that they are accounted for and counterbalanced on our own farms. We do this by planting trees and transforming desert areas into land where plants can grow using regenerative agricultural practices. We have become 100% carbon neutral and are doing our part to mitigate climate change. 

Any carbon credits that we don’t use are sold to help other companies offset their own CO2 emissions. This provides additional income for Egyptian farmers protecting the environment, and encourages other farmers to switch to sustainable farming practices. It also helps to decrease the price of organic & biodynamic products, and make them more accessible. 



In 2022, we planted a total of 370,000 trees.

Learn how our Greening the Desert Project at the Wahat farm is helping fight climate change by reclaiming desert land and turning it into fertile soil.


We use the planet’s precious resources with care


We believe that our earth’s resources are precious, and that it is important to protect them and use them responsibly for our generation, and for the generations to come. For this reason, all of the wastewater from our farms and facilities is recycled and reused for tree irrigation, and nearly a third of all the energy we use comes from renewable sources like solar and wind energy. 


Global Leaders in Sustainability


We are proud to have been internationally recognized for our work in environmental protection and sustainable development, including: 

  • 2018 Luxembourg Peace Prize
  • 2015 “Land for Life Award 2015” by the United Nations to Combat Desertification
  • 2011 “New Sustainability Champion/Sustainability World Leader” by the World Economic Forum
  • 2003 “Right Livelihood Award” (Alternative Nobel Prize) by the Right Livelihood Award Foundation