Fruit and Veggie Toys

Fruit and Veggie Toys

Our Fruit and Veggie toys were created to encourage healthy eating habits in babies and kids. When they have fun playing with these toys they become familiar with fruits and vegetables and are excited to eat them when they see them at dinner. This is the one time you want your kids to play with their food!

These organic Fruit and Veggie Toys are great for teaching kids about Farm-to-Table, the food cycle and gardening! They're a STEM toy for future scientists and environmentalists, inspired by our own commitment to sustainable agriculture! 

Our Fruit and Veggie collection are made with scraps of our clothing production. They are 100% organic Egyptian cotton and made by our Certified Fair Trade partner in Egypt. They're also the center of our 13 Villages Project, an initiative created by co-founder Janice Masoud, to provide safe and healthy work for women in rural Egypt. Each of the 13 fruit and veggies is made by women of different villages in Egypt.

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