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A Note from our Founder

A Note from our Founder

For over 25 years Under the Nile has brought you the highest quality organic cotton goods, ethically
sourced from our partner and supplier in Egypt - SEKEM. This month, we are transitioning the company fully
into SEKEM’s hands to provide customers with an even better experience.

What does this mean, and what can you expect?

The things you love about Under the Nile will stay the same: The same beautiful 100% GOTS certified organic products, with cotton grown and sewn at SEKEM’s Fair Trade farms and factory.

But there will be more of all the good stuff: More transparency. Expanded sizes. Better prices.

We’re also working to create a wider selection of products, including offerings for older kids and adults
in new styles, prints, and colors. Our mission: sustainable goods, from cotton to closet, for the entire family.

We’re so excited about these changes, and for you to experience even more abundance from the
Under the Nile brand. We’ll be up and running soon with a beautiful new collection crafted for you
and your loved ones.

Follow us on Instagram and check back here for news and updates on our upcoming launch.
Thank you for your continued support!

Best wishes, Janice Masoud

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