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Under the Nile x Upchoose Upcycling Initiative



Our mission is to create organic baby goods ethically and sustainably -
from how we grow our cotton to how we ship our goods. We're always
striving to create intentionally for the planet and for our community. 

Now you can do the same.

Under the Nile is partnering with UpChoose to better the planet by ensuring
your items make a lasting difference. We're working together in a joint mission
 to prioritize sustainability and health through giving a second life to your baby clothes.

When you purchase an item from Under the Nile, you can enjoy it now and as your
baby grows, you have the option of selling it back to UpChoose to earn credits. 
This will make your upcycled baby clothes and items available for another family to enjoy
all while reducing clutter.

Our partnership will reduce waste while earning you credits towards
new items on UpChoose and Under the Nile!




Learn more about UpChoose here.





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