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Why You Should Care About Our Toy Stuffing

You might be thinking that all toy stuffing is alike.

Not so fast.

We are the only baby company that stuff our Fair Trade toys with 100% organic Egyptian cotton. The typical baby company uses materials ranging from polyester stuffing to plastic pellets.

And most companies use what’s called an air-fluffing machine to robotically stuff the toys.

Not so at Under the Nile, where we stuff each toy by hand.
Combining Egyptian cotton and the personal touch makes for a happier toy. Just ask them!

Welcome to our toyshop…where all the magic happens.

master toymaker



Madame Marienfeld didn't set out to be a toymaker.

She was actually a nurse by trade, but always loved creating and caring for people, so when Dr. Ibrahim gave her a book on making dolls, she was excited about the opportunity to learn something new. If you knew Madame Marienfeld, you'd know her eagerness to learn.

Watching everything she creates come to life with personality makes me strongly believe that this was her calling.

I sat down with her to ask her about her work and what it means to her to make toys for Under the Nile.

Did you know how to make toy patterns before you took on the toy maker position?

Just a little. I was always hand-making toys for my children when they were young. I’ve always liked the idea of creating.

What was the first toy you made?

I started out with the “Manderl” and the “Weiberl” dolls which are the Australian words for man and woman.

She looks into her wooden case of toys and pulls out some examples.

Do you ever talk to the toys?

Yes, sometimes! But not very often. I have a connection to the toys once I see the first sample design.

There are always changes that need to take place, but to see the doll come alive from a pattern is what I love.

Since you have been making toys for 30 years, have you learned any new techniques?

I’m actually learning new things with every toy I make. Each toy has its own set of obstacles that I have to think about to solve. I also have to think about how easy it is to put the toy together because we are not only going to make the one toy, but hundreds in production.

I also have to teach our toy makers how to make the toy. This is a learning curve that takes time.

What is your favorite Under the Nile toy?

Hmmm, let me think about that... I really love them all!

My connection and admiration for Inbegorg Marienfeld has developed over a friendship.

At the young age of 84, I’m still amazed at how she works her magic on toys that start with just an idea on a piece of paper.

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