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Under the Nile’s Guarantee: Our uniquely handcrafted toys are made and stuffed with 100% certified Egyptian organic cotton. All toys are tested and meet strict CPSA and European standard requirements.

Under the Nile Organic Stuffed Toys

Pure Inside & Out

We are one of a handful of companies that not only make, but stuff their toys with certified organic cotton. Many companies call their toys organic, but then stuff them with polyester stuffing known as fluff - a synthetic made from coal and petroleum derivatives, which can cause respiratory problems in babies. We promise to only use organic Egyptian cotton stuffing in every toy.

Each Toy Has a Story. Our handmade toys are fun, educational, and made to be treasured.

Fruits & Veggies

Our Fruits and Veggies are a customer favorite and best seller. They were designed to help parents start encouraging healthy eating habits from an early age. When children become familiar with their fruits and veggies, they're excited to see them at the table and have fun eating healthy food. 
Our Fruits and Veggies are part of our 13 Villages Project. This initiative was created by Under the Nile Founder, Janice Masoud, to provide fair and safe work for women in rural villages in Egypt, without having to leave their home. Each of the 13 fruits and veggies are made by women in a different village in Egypt.


Under the Nile Organic Stuffed Fruit and Veggie Toys


Scrappy Toys

Scrappys are one of our signature collections. Quirky and colorful, they're full of personality and made from scraps of our clothing production. They're quality upcycling at it's best! Zero waste, 100% fun.

    Organic Stuffed Dog, Cat, Lovey toys for Baby


    Teething Toys

    Our toys are perfect if you have a little teether at home. They're fun, interesting shapes that are easy for little hands to hold. They're designed to be hugged, loved and are safe and healthy for little mouths to chew on. 

    Elephant Teether Toy
          Bunny Lovey Teether






    Toys that Teach

    We support the Waldorf School philosophy of learning coordination and dexterity skills through imitation and example—learning disguised as play! Click on the toys below to learn more about each of their education value.

          Organic Cotton Stuffed Doll  Organic Cotton Stuffed Doll


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