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I just wanted to say,  “THANK YOU!!!” for all of your help.

We recently received our first order of Under the Nile toys for our little one’s birthday. She - and the WHOLE family - loved everything. What a WIN!

Your toys are just beautiful. You can tell they have been carefully crafted with love, and I know that they will be treasured now, and passed on to future family members.

I also appreciate your kindness in answering our many questions. As a mom whose children have serious and severe allergies, I have to be cautious about everything. And it gets really stressful.

Now, thanks to you and your wonderful company, we can safely enjoy playtime again. Yay!!! What a joy that is. ❤️

Kristy & Rob G. 


 Under the Nile has been a wonderful part of my family's life since my daughter was a baby 17 years ago.  I had the fortune to discover you while shopping for organic baby clothing.  

My daughter wore your delightful designs for years, and I have a huge pile of your rugs, big and small.  They are the best.

 We have rabbits as companion animals and they use the rugs to navigate our hardwood floors.  Over the years the rugs have taken a beating (but held up so well) with stains and it was time for me to freshen our inventory.  I look forward to purchasing more.

Barbie Lynch - Belvidere, NJ


I can't tell you how happy I was to find your online store. Organics and fair trade are extremely important to me. I have also been having great difficulty finding a soft toy for an infant (everywhere I looked, the toys were for 3+ year olds). Lastly, I was looking for a gift for a baby of North African descent that would tie into her heritage. Your incredible shop took care of every single item on my list! I cannot thank you and your team enough for creating such an outstanding business!

Jordan Longever 


During this holiday season I’m trying to find things to be grateful for.. (and some days I have to dig deeper than others!)

I’m grateful for you!! I have extremely sensitive skin and I have found your Sherpa Wash Cloths to be the best wash cloths I have ever used.

And the packaging is so perfect – I use a fresh cloth every day.

They do not irritate my skin at all and the fabric is perfect for the gentle abrasion my skin needs (everyone’s really) to keep the pores clean.

  I’m way beyond child-bearing age, but am so happy to have run across your site.  I buy the wash cloths for myself, my daughter and friends. 

In another life-time I was an aesthetician so I come by my opinion from a place of knowledge!!


Susan Nisbet



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