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Organic Egyptian cotton feels better.


The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) ensures sustainable and ethical manufacturing in all stages of production. This holds our company accountable to strict ecological and social criteria, including things like cotton cultivation, safe fabric finishes, sustainable packaging and fair treatment of workers. 

The only baby clothing company in the entire world to carry The Gold Seal of Egyptian Cotton. We’ve always exclusively used 100% authentic Egyptian Cotton for our products, but now we’ve gone the extra mile to earn the certification. Our cotton fibers underwent complete DNA testing to verify our fibers as authentic Egyptian Cotton. Only 1% of the entire world’s cotton is true Egyptian Cotton. The Egyptian Cotton seed combined with Egypt’s climate produces cotton with extra long fibers and that makes Egyptian Cotton uniquely soft, durable and high quality.

Our cotton is certified organic by National Organic Program (NOP) standard, which is regulated by the USDA. The farm that grows our cotton adheres to firm standards of soil and water quality, as well as wetland, woodland and wildlife conservation. Synthetic fertilizers and genetic engineering are strictly prohibited. 

All of our products are made in Egypt at a Certified Fair Trade farm which includes on site health care, child care and daily organic meals for all workers. We also promote social justice, gender equality and diversity in our workplace. We believe in clean, safe and healthy working conditions, as well as dignity and respected for all workers.


*All of our clothing is made with buttery soft 100% organic Egyptian cotton

We only use LOW IMPACT DYES for the low est environmental impact.

*These dyes reduce water and electricity cosumption.

*They use less resources and lower dye temperatures which allows 95% of the dye to adhere to the fabric, resulting in only 5% waste compared to industry standard of 50% with conventional dyes.

*Low impactd yes use 60% less water.

*No harmful effulents or toxins are used. Everything used to produce the colored fabric is bio degradeable.

We are BLEACH FREE, obtaining our white colors with oxygen whitening. We never use CHEMICAL FINISHING So nany of our fabrics. All our products meet CLASS1 FLAMMABILITY requirements in compliance with US standard.

Here's What you will not Find in under the nile products

We have never used any of these chemicals and we never will...

*AZO DYES - synthetic dyes known to be carcinogenic and can cause cancer and hyper activity in children.

*BLEACH-we use oxygen whitening instead to keep our whites consistent from varying colors in cotton.

*BPA(BisphenolA)-typically used to harden plastic toys and water bottles.


*FORMALDEHYDE-a chemical finishing found on fabrics for wrinkle resistance and for better dye penetration.


*PVC(PolyvinylChloride)-use in fabric dyes and plastic toys to make them bend

*LEAD/NICKEL-used in snaps and dyes

13 Villages: Giving Back

All our fruit and veggie toys are made by our 13 village project. We're doing more than just making healthy toys for babies - we're also providing a trade and an income for impoverished women in Egypt. We work with these women in the surrounding 13 villages and teach them how to make our fruit and veggie toys for a fair wage.

Scrappys: Sustainable toys

Quirky and colorful, our Scrappy collection is made from 100% Egyptian cotton scraps left over from our clothing production. Wastefulness is not in our nature, so anytime we see a chance to upcycle, you bet we’re going to take it! Our Scrappy toys are sold in assorted dozens.

Zero waste rugs

Our assorted collection of organic cotton rugs are meticulously hand-loomed with leftover scraps from our clothing production on looms made from our Vocational Training center. Woven from pure organic Egyptian cotton, the rugs are extra durable and soft, making them perfect for play or for decoration in the nursery, bathrooms, or any other room in the house. Each handmade rugtakes two days to weave and is finished with decorative tassels on either end. The more you wash them, the softer they get!

Gender Equality

We’re proud that 30% of our factory workforce in Egypt is made up of women! It wasn’t always this way until we started our pilot program to educate women on how to balance their work and family life. We even have a daycare located just steps away from our sewing factory so mothers can stay close and check in on their babies anytime they want.

The toy shop

You may think that all toy stuffing is created alike. Not so fast. We’re the only babyclothing company that stuffs our toys with 100% organic Egyptian cotton.  Most companies will use polyester stuffing or plastic pellets, or air fluffing machines to robotically stuff the toys.  At Under the Nile, we stuff each toy by hand, giving it a personal touch and making for a happier toy.


All the profits from our sewing factory go towards funding our school that is located right on the farm. Children from the surrounding villages who would not have had a chance to attend school get equal opportunity to be educated. Our school also implements Rudolf Steiner’s way of teaching by instilling in the students at an early age, an understanding and appreciation of their humanity and world citizenship before social, economic and racial differences. Art and theatre is also incorporated in everyday teaching.

Ethical Manufacturing

Ethical manufacturing means that everyone has the same opportunities, regardless if they are a man or a woman, and that fair wages are standard - not asked for.

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