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Five Tips for Capturing the Best Moments of Your Little One! 

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Is your baby growing so fast you want to capture every moment possible, but you're afraid you won't be able to get the kind of photos you see on Pinterest? Don't fret! Here is a handy DIY guide for taking pictures of babies for your family photos!


As a photographer specializing in natural light, I love working with the sun! Now, don’t worry, I’m not encouraging you to stick your newborn out in the heat. In fact I prefer the indoors natural light. Indoors natural light is considered anywhere with windows that welcomes the outdoor lighting. By shooting close to windows, you prevent the unflattering shadows and harsh images flash brings. SO do a walk around your home and find the room with the lightest walls or biggest windows, that will be your future studio!




We all know newborns love their Zzz’s which is why you have some time to work around your subject to nail the perfect shot. I always recommend keeping the backgrounds simple. For instance, if you are taking a picture of them sleeping in their crib, make sure there is no bright colored/patterned blanket underneath that would be a distraction in the photo. One of my all time favorite shots is when the little one is swaddled like a coccoon and laying in the centre of the crib with nothing but a simple light colored sheet underneath.



Don’t expect to get the shot you want in the first click. It takes a bit of time to get the photo just right with their endless facial expressions that melts you into a million pieces!! I always recommend testing out your camera settings after they have been fed and fast asleep, that way you have some time to experiment. The bonus of shooting in a brighter room is you won’t need a flash to wake them from their happy sleep!



The oh-so-perfect newborn stage flies by quickly and photos are the perfect chance to document all the moments. Make sure your camera is easily accessible for all those ‘first time moments’. This means transferring your images to your computer often so you have lots of storage on your camera as well as keeping your camera close by to where your baby plays and sleeps.


5.      LEARN MORE

Every craft requires much behind the scene work, and photography is no different. People often credit the camera for the great photo versus the artist who captured it. You can have a basic DSLR camera and still capture amazing images! To get better shots, you must learn more about your equipment. I highly recommend learning how to shoot in manual mode. When shooting in manual, you have more control on how your images turn out! It will be frustrating at first (similar to driving standard for the first time), but trust me it will be second nature once you master it! Look on the web, Pinterest, YouTube tutorials, or even for photographers in your area that offer courses for manual shooting.

Taking photos can be hard work, but it can also be lots of fun! Loosen up, let the session flow, and know you'll get images that will be cherished for many years to come!


Jalisse Bechtel specializes in natural light and lifestyle photography; she is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

''Everyone deserves to feel confident and to live their life with absolute content. There is beauty and uniqueness in each of us and I hope that through my photos I can prove it to you! I love to share my energy and passion with others. So if you want a stoked for life, easygoing, and experienced photographer.. I am your lady!''

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