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You Can't Pour from an Empty Cup - Take Care of Yourself During Pregnancy

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Self-care is definitely on trend right now - loving yourself has become a celebrated essential that every woman should devote time and energy into. Likewise, prioritizing self-care during pregnancy is much more important. Pregnancy can be a crazy time in your life when you’re faced with endless choices that will best benefit you and your baby.


Therefore, it is time to focus on you! How are you feeling? I know that during this time things can be stressful and it’s all about the baby. Your mind might be running around at a million miles an hour and you just aren’t sure what the best choices should be.

You might be asking yourself:


Should I switch to all organic baby clothing?

Should I buy organic food and fresh vegetables to get nutrition?

Should I do prenatal yoga?

What time is my Lamaze class?


However, you also need to be taking care of you. Taking on too much during pregnancy and not focusing on “self-care” can be disastrous for your health. You can’t give to your baby if you aren’t giving to yourself. You will also need time to rest, pamper and take care of your beautiful body.


Here is a list of some simple self-care activities:

De-stress and Be Mindful 

Don’t be scared to turn off your phone and de-stress a little bit. If this is your first pregnancy, you probably have a whole bucket full of emotions you should be processing from excitement, fear, sadness and more. Take a bubble bath and soak in the wonder of being a new mommy.


Some self-care tips:

  • Turn off your phone
  • Refrain from posting pregnancy pictures on your social media accounts
  • Breathe deeply and use candles
  • Play calming music for you and your baby
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Journal your feelings and thoughts
  • Sip tea and do yoga

Experience Life

Do something just for you that makes you happy! Take a day off of work and do something that reconnects you to yourself. This will help you recoup and become a better version of yourself because you’ll have the time to be more connected to your already incredible self. That mom guilt that says you have to be on top of everything - ignore it and experience life.

Some self-care tips:

  • Go for a walk through a beautiful place
  • Color in an adult coloring book
  • Bake gluten-free cookies and treats
  • Make a gratitude list
  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Buy oils and lotions
  • Go to the farmers market and buy all organic fruits and vegetables


Take time to do the things you did before your pregnancy. Many times, pregnancy comes with new hormones and different feelings in our bodies that can be foreign to us. Reminding yourself to embrace your femininity and your body is extremely important during pregnancy.

 Take the time to pamper yourself by:

  • Going to the spa and get a Swedish massage
  • Buy organic baby clothes
  • Apply an all natural homemade face mask
  • Do your hair and makeup
  • Have your husband or partner take you out
  • Get enough sleep

All of these pregnancy self-care tips will have you feeling that radiant baby glow. Don’t forget that you’re just as important as your baby and taking care of yourself during pregnancy is the best thing you can do.


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