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Why Green?

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Green matters. We have a finite amount of resources and if we want our children and future families to have access to the same standard of living, we need to act on being better stewards. 

There are tons of benefits of going green at home that make sense, but there are also some other advantages of going green that may surprise you.

1) Saves money - 
being intentional and reducing our energy consumption extends our dollar in the long run.  By using energy efficient light bulbs to not letting the water run, you can save tons of money on utility costs. Going green could also mean spending less on gas and car maintenance.

2) Improves your health - 
creating less waste and emitting less pollutants means breathing in healthier air. Using products free from toxins also means you're consuming less harmful chemicals in your body. Did you know that our skin - the body's largest organ - absorbs up to 60 percent of the products you put on it every day? Think about what you've put on your skin today and imagine how much that adds up.  Just from choosing greener care products, we're eliminating an exorbitant amount of petrochemicals that are being absorbed into our skin.

3) A better future for your kids - 
the world will not last forever. Taking care of the environment means preserving our natural resources and creating a cleaner future for your children and the generations after. Under the Nile was born from a mother's mission to find safer goods for her baby's sensitive skin.  Not only does making greener choices preserve the planet for our babies, but it also keeps them safer from toxins in toys and non organic clothing. 

4) Reduces your carbon footprint - 
using green methods of transportation can reduce your carbon emissions and your carbon footprint. Choosing to use green products made from recycled products will also reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. Shopping intentionally by buying less stuff and second-hand stuff helps achieve this goal too.

5) Preserves biodiversity - 
it's no surprise that many animal species have become endangered due to the amount of pollution and urbanization that we've created on our planet.  Leading greener lifestyles means we can save rainforests, protect ecosystems and water quality and the quality of life for animals and organisms that we share the planet with. 

6) Increased productivity -  we're not saying quit the caffeine, but consuming green products and less toxins is a natural way of being more productive.  When we take in polluted air and chemicals, this affects our body's immune system and how we fight infections. Going green means you become more self-sufficient and less reliant on other sources of fuel. 

7) Boosts the economy -  consuming seasonal, local and organic foods not only improve your personal health, but it also means supporting your local economy and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions required to get food from its origin to your plate. Purchasing fresh food means reducing packaging and energy used for processing. 

8) Greener goods are more ethical - making stuff requires a lot of energy, and most of the time, this energy also comes from humans. Opting to purchase green and ethical goods means supporting local artisans and your local community.  Purchasing goods made in the USA also eliminates the amount of emissions in transportation and it means buying from companies where we have more strict labor laws. 

There are so many reasons why going green matters! Not only does it help conserve our ecosystem and our biodiversity, but it also reduces our energy consumption and saves money in the long run.  Ultimately, green is good for YOU. Sustainable design improves our quality of life from breathing healthier air, to consuming less harmful toxins and passing on these benefits of green living to our babies just makes sense.  


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