What Newborn Baby Clothes You Actually Need

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with what newborn baby clothes to buy? Here’s the truth: You actually need much less than you might think – having too many newborn clothes isn’t just a waste of money, it’s also clutter-headache provoking!

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to decide what newborn baby clothes to buy? It can be really tempting to fill your home with tons of supplies for your new little one, but you actually need much less than you think. Having too many clothes for your new baby leads to unnecessary clutter and endless laundry. The reality is that you only need a few really high quality items for your new little one.

We have curated a list of newborn wardrobe essentials to make planning your babies’ closet a little easier.

Here is a list of essential clothing for every newborn:

2 Baby Gowns - No one wants to deal with zippers, buttons or snaps in the middle of the night. Baby gowns make late night diaper changes a breeze, and keep your little one warm all night long. Pick up a couple of baby gowns to ensure you always have a fresh one ready for bedtime. We recommend our Organic Cotton Baby Gown.

5 Pairs of Pants - Pants are great for layering over onesies or pairing with a nice top. Stock up on solid colored cotton pants to make pairing outfits simple. We offer both basic and footed pants in a range of colors and patterns.

10 Onesies - Onesies are a must-have for new moms. They fit seamlessly under any outfit and are easy to change after messy feedings. Stock up on quality onesies to ensure you always have a fresh change of clothes. We offer both Short-Sleeved and Long-sleeved Organic Onesies.

1 Pair of Mittens & Booties - Mittens & Booties are a must have for new moms. Cotton mittens are essential for keeping your new baby from scratching their face, and booties are a sweet way to keep their little feet warm. Pick up a pair of our organic mitten and organic booties for your new baby.

3 Swaddle Blankets - Swaddle blankets are a simple way to calm your newborn baby, and become an essential item for growing babies. Stock up on a few high-quality swaddle blankets to keep on hand. We offer some amazing organic swaddle blankets for new babies.

3 One-Piece Outfits - One-Piece outfits are a simple and adorable way to dress your newborn baby. Pick up a few one-piece outfits for those lazy days cuddling at home with your little one. New Moms love our Side-Snap Organic Kimono One-Pieces, and everyone loves our basic Side Snap Footie Pajamas.

What pieces were a must-have for your newborn’s wardrobe? What did you buy that did not get used? What items do you recommend for new moms? Leave your ideas in the comments.


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