Valentine's Day - A Day of Love and Family

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Heart shaped box of chocolate, roses, and a cute Valentine's Card are amongst the typical Valentine's Day checklist. This year let's leave these items unchecked and opt to celebrate Valentine's Day the whole family!

Here are our family suggestions:

Have a Valentine's Feast

Whether it's waking up early for a love filled breakfast or spending a little extra time at the dinner table. Breaking bread with the whole family and sharing the love and laughs may create amazing Valentine's Day memories.

Get Crafty

Take the time and create a D.I.Y. card station. Make D.I.Y. Cards for each other and save them to look back on future Valentine's Day.

If you want to even get more crafty try our favorite sustainable crafts from our last Valentine's blog

Top 5 Sustainable Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Have a Baking Party

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be without sweets. Spend time together and have your little ones help you concoct sweets for the whole family.

Cozy Up and watch a Family Favorite Movie

This one is self-explanatory. There's nothing more fun than being together and enjoying each other's company watching a family favorite.

It may not be the most extravagant Valentine's Day, but it's the little moments that can make a lasting memory than your stash of discounted candy. 😉


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