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Tips for Dressing Baby Between Seasons

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Sometimes even though it's officially Spring, it still feels like Winter! Keeping your baby cute, comfortable and appropriately-dressed to match the temperature is one of your most fundamental jobs as a parent. But sometimes it’s not so easy to predict what the weather will be during the months when the weather changes from season to season. Have you ever wondered: how do I know if my Baby is too cold or too warm? Here are some tips for the Art of Trans-Seasonal Layering for Fashion and Comfort!

Babies can’t regulate their own body temperature as well as adults can. In fact, your little one’s warmth can drop quite rapidly – up to four times faster than you! Babies will use up to 10% more oxygen and precious energy that should be reserved for growth - to help them adjust to a one-degree drop in skin temperature during changing weather.

Keeping baby suitably dressed for their environment and changing weather can be challenging. Especially when the weather fluctuates as it transitions from one season to the next. But don’t fret. Trans-seasonal layering makes it easy for you. Many experts recommend that you dress baby in as many layers as you dress yourself, plus one.

Bodysuits: An Essential Layering Garment

Probably the most indispensable, and well known, trans-seasonal piece of clothing is the bodysuit.

During the colder months, when it’s warm out, short-sleeved bodysuits under a light romper will absorb any sweat, and keep baby dry. If it gets too hot, just take off the outer layer.

In the warmer months, long-sleeved bodysuits act as a warm foundation in your infant’s outfit. Follow up with a cute footed pant-and-top suit, or blanket sleeper, and your baby will be toasty and stylish.

Since this is the first layer to touch your little one’s precious skin, a bodysuit made from organic cotton will not only be soothing and soft, it’s actually healthier for your baby than ordinary cotton. The reason? Organic cotton has not been tainted by any hazardous fertilizers or insecticides.


These ultra-functional and easy-going sweaters are great for layering. They are a breeze to get on and off a fussy child in a hurry too, with front buttons. With their timeless style, they will be a perfect complement to any ensemble.


This is another trans-seasonal basic. A comforting swaddling blanket or two should always be in your diaper bag and stroller, no matter the season.

Heavier blankets and baby bags are a must in colder weather to add a thicker layer of protection and warmth.

Since blankets have easy access to the mouth, be sure to choose fabrics and knits that have no Azo colorants formaldehyde, PVC, lead, or other chemicals.

Booties and Mittens

Mittens are a “handy” way to keep little fingers warm – and protect against scratching.

Since feet are another heat-regulating spot on the body, keep comfy booties or socks on your infant. If you’re going out into the elements, keep footsies warm with a layer socks, and add fleece outwear.

Top Off Trans-seasonal Layering With Hats

Everyone knows that you can lose heat through your head. Newborns – and especially premature infants - are even more at risk of this happening because their heads are proportionally larger to their bodies than adults.

Keeping your baby’s noggin warm and clean is easy with soft, breathable baby beanies. With so many adorable styles and colors, they’ll make your baby even more irresistible.

Staying Flexible And Prepared

As a mom, you need to roll with the punches, and be prepared for anything. That’s what trans-seasonal layering does. You’ll be making speedy wardrobe adjustments as fast as a runway stylist, so baby can retain precious internal reserves, and do what babies do best – grow.

Test your knowledge about why organic cotton is so healthy for babies and our planet with our fun pop quiz!

What are some of your own tips and tricks for keep Baby dressed during transition of seasons? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below!


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