The Language of TTC (Trying to Conceive)

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DH, SO, BD, OMG! What does TTC mean? What are all these acronyms flying around the community of aspiring parents-to-be?

Fertility is not something you think about much until you decide to have a baby. And with an estimated baby being added to American Society every 17 seconds, it appears people have been doing a lot more than just “thinking” about it!

But unless your pregnancy happens without planning for it, you will most likely become very educated and aware of your own fertility, and all the moving parts (no pun intended) that need to align in order for you to conceive, and carry a baby to full term.

Whether you are just starting out trying to conceive, or are part of the 7.5 million women who struggle with fertility issues, you will most likely wind up on an online support group where people share their tips, experiences and knowledge.

You’ll soon discover that there are hundreds of acronyms used on these forums. Here is a list of the most commonly used ones;

AI: Artificial Insemination

AF: Your period, aka “Aunt Flo”

AO: Anovulatory, meaning no ovulation

ART: Assisted Reproductive Technology

BA: Baby aspirin

BCP: Birth control pills

BD: Sex, aka “Baby Dance”

BFN or BFP: Big Fat Negative, Big Fat Positive

CP: Cervical position

CF or CM: Cervical fluid, or cervical mucus

DD, DS, DH, DP: Darling daughter, darling son, darling husband, darling partner

DPO: Days past ovulation

EDD: Estimated due date

EPT: Early pregnancy test

ENDO: Endometriosis

EWCM: Egg-white cervical mucus

FMU: First morning urine

FM: Fertility monitor

FSH: Follicle stimulating hormone

FTTA: Fertile thoughts to all

hCG: Human chorionic gonadotropin

HTP: Home pregnancy test

IF: Infertile, or infertility

IUI: Intrauterine insemination

IVF: In Vitro Fertilization

LMP: Last menstrual period

LSC: Low sperm count

MC: Miscarriage

MS: Morning sickness

OV: Ovulation

OPK/OPT: Ovulation prediction kit/test

PG: Pregnant

PNV: Prenatal vitamin

RE/RI: Reproductive endocrinologist/immunologist

SA: Semen Analysis

SI: Secondary infertility

TWW: Two week wait

TCOYF: Taking charge of your fertility

TTC: Trying to conceive

U/S: Ultrasound

ZIFT: Zygote intra-fallopian transfer

With Knowledge Comes Power

Your journey to fertility and childbirth can be one of the most fulfilling, or - unfortunately for some - the most challenging experiences of your life.

As is true with all things, education will empower you to make informed decisions and take control of what you can along the way. At the very least, it will give you a true appreciation for the miracle of life.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler is an eye-opening, instructional guide to figure out when your body is most likely to conceive. Get your copy here.


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