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Our Long Johns are a favorite amongst our customers.  We are proud to provide Long Johns made of 100% Egyptian organic cotton - sleepwear that is free from toxic flame retardants, and still federally regulated. We know… federally regulated?

Under federal safety rules, garments sold as children's sleepwear for sizes larger than nine months must be either flame-resistant or snug-fitting. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) sets national safety standards for children's sleepwear flammability. For safety, the CPSC urges parents to make sure their children's sleepwear is either flame-resistant or snug-fitting.  

Why Choose Snug Fitting?

Our long johns fit snugly for a reason. Having a snug fit helps decrease the flammability of cotton by eliminating airspace between the fabric and skin.  It is also the best alternative to avoid the harmful chemicals used in flame resistant sleepwear. This is how we’re able to provide sleepwear that complies with federal safety regulations and stays true to our mission for organic clothing, free from toxic flame retardants.

When shopping for sleepwear, you may commonly see this yellow tag:

This tag represents all children sleepwear made of natural fabrics that pass the federal children’s sleepwear guidelines, and yes, our long johns do wear this tag proudly. :)

About Flame Resistant

Most flame resistant sleepwear is made of polyester and doused with flame retardants. Unfortunately, there are studies that show the most common flame retardants used in sleepwear have been linked to health issues.


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