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Quick Tips on Traveling with Children

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Your long awaited family vacation is here. You’re ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun. However, there’s one small detail, actually a two year old detail. You're traveling with children. Traveling can be challenging itself, but being in charge of a little companion brings much more. Don’t worry, we got you. Think of traveling with children as an adventure! Whether you’re traveling by car or airplane, here are a few tips to help you travel with less worries.


Positive Mind. Positive Tribe.

Be flexible and “don’t sweat the small stuff.” Remember that 'stuff happens' and it isn’t the end of world if things don't go exactly as planned! Making a big deal over a minor incident may add more stress to not only yourself but your child too.

If traveling ever becomes a hassle, have a mindful moment: take a deep breath and be grateful for your upcoming vacation. The memories of fun filled vacation will last longer than the angst of your travel.


Prepare. Prepare. PREPARE.

Create lists. Pack in advance. Check Twice. Do whatever works best for you and in this situation being over prepared is a good thing.

Prioritize your child’s need when it comes to packing. You can always improvise for yourself, but for your child it’s not the same. Bring extra clothing, diapers, and other necessities that will help sooth your child. Your child’s favorite companion should enjoy the vacation as well, and we all know you need to bring the backup friend too.

Our 2 Pack Back-Up Buddies  is perfect for travel! If you lose one, you'll always have a backup.


When traveling with children, it's best to assess your situation and plan accordingly. Traveling with a toddler may bring excessive energy so be prepared with calming music and activities. Traveling with a baby may involve additional challenges. If you're breastfeeding or pumping, be sure to bring all of your supplies. If you’re taking a vacation where the sun is involved, remember the sun can take a toll on your child’s body. Baby might be a little upset to be taken out of their normal routine, so be ready with extra love, comfort and patience!

Good Food. Great Travel.

Before leaving, always fill yourself and your child up with a nutritious and delicious meal. Get your nutrients in now, because healthy food is not easily accessible throughout traveling. To help prevent the gluttony of junk food pack healthy snacks and drinks, your tummy would thank you later. Don't forget to pack lots of healthy snacks for the road!


Let Me Entertain You.

 Entertainment is a BIG part of traveling with children. Of course the handy dandy tablet, smart phone, or any other digital device may suffice. But make sure your child doesn't spend so much much time looking at the screen that he misses the experience of your vacation! If you child is old enough, consider giving them a camera. That way they'll be distracted from their digital device and will have a greatime looking at photos with the family.

Here are ideas for travel entertainment we’ve come across that we love:


Thanks Pinterest. ;) Here’s a link to our board dedicated to travel: click here.

Life's about the journey, not the destination! 

Traveling can be fun too! Making the best out of any situation will make everything seem a lot smoother.  Besides, why can’t traveling be a part of the vacation too?

We wish you safe travels. Please share your own travel tips in the comments below! 

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  • Brian: August 03, 2016

    Hey guys – quick point of feedback: Your blog is SUPER hard to read since the font is so tiny. And not super dark – so the contrast is low. Made my brain not want to read any further. Hope this helps!

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