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When having fun also means learning and contributing to environmental and social justice

The baby toy market is huge. Fluffy toys, toys with lights, toys with noises, toys with computers…the list goes on and on. And while a lot of these toys are made with polyester or plastic or any number of synthetic materials and are often manufactured in facilities with poor working conditions, we’ve always been clear on one thing: Our toys are produced with only the purest organic cotton in fair trade facilities that provide good working conditions for all workers. We want our toys to not only be fun, but to contribute to baby’s cognitive growth and to make our world a better place.

Toys for Learning: The Waldorf Philosophy

Our toys are developed with the Waldorf School philosophy of learning coordination and dexterity skills through imitation and example—learning disguised as play! Waldorf toys are designed to stimulate your child’s imagination. Our Jill doll with changeable clothes, for instance, teaches kids how to change all by themselves!



Environmental Justice: Organic Inside and Out


We are one of a handful of companies that not only make, but stuff their toys with certified organic cotton. Many so-called organic toys are actually filled with polyester stuffing known as fluff - a synthetic made from coal and petroleum derivatives, which can cause respiratory problems in babies and are terrible for the environment.


Social Justice: The 13 Villages Project

All of our toys are made in Egypt, where the cotton is grown and manufactured in Sekem’s Fair Trade Certified facilities, and where a high value is placed on workers' health, education and safety. Sekem is internationally renowned for both their environmental and social work.

One project we are most proud of is our collaboration with Sekem on the 13 Villages Project, which takes place in thirteen rural villages in Sharkeya Egypt. It was founded to bring new economic opportunities to small remote villages that suffer from unemployment and poverty.

In partnership with the Sekem farm in Egypt, Under the Nile engages these communities and empowers women by teaching them a new trade and providing jobs, which ensures continuous income and promotes healthy living conditions.

The women of the 13 Villages Project make Under the Nile’s Fruit and Veggie Toys!


So when you purchase one of these toys, you are helping to employ these women and contribute to supporting them and their families!



Does your child have a favorite Under the Nile toy? Share a photo with us on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to be featured!

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  • denise n rehfuss: March 30, 2016

    Thank you for making great products! We LOVE under the nile! My baby likes your toys. My dogs have stolen a few, too.

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