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New Mom Moments: Raising Two Babies Under Two

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New Mom Moments is a new series where we feature real stories from new moms.

As cute as they are in family photos, raising a toddler and newborn isn’t always going to be a walk in the park.

We sat down with Jaci Heiser-Brandmeyer to discuss the joys and challenges of raising two babies under the age of Two. Jaci is the mother of three beautiful children: Camble (18 years), Caycen (21 months) and Cardyn Thomas (8 months). She lives in a small rural Midwest town and works full-time as a registered nurse.

In this interview, Jaci will share some of the things she has learned through the process of juggling two kids under the age of two.

How would you describe the personality of your two little’s?

Cardyn Thomas just turned 8 months old. He is a bundle of sunshine. He is constantly smiling and giggling at everyone around him. Caycen Margail is almost two and has a mind of her own. She definitely marches to the beat of her own drum without fear.

I know you try to use organic products whenever possible. What drove you to that decision?

I try to keep my house chemical-free. After having a child with cancer, I take extra precautions with these two little ones. There are so many things added to products that children do not need to be exposed to. I pay careful attention to what products they are exposed to, and the chemicals used.

What is the most rewarding part of being a new mom?

Watching my children grow. Camble (my oldest daughter) was diagnosed with cancer as a toddler, and I wasn’t sure I would get to keep her. I’ve learned to cherish every moment with them. (Even the ones that make me want to rip my hair out.) Time really goes by too quickly and I love being there to help them learn and grow.

What is the best advice you received as a new mom?

To enjoy them. Your house won’t always be clean. You won’t always have your stuff together. You’ll always have babies that love and need you. So enjoy them while you can!

What toys and baby gear are most popular around your home?

Wooden Toys – The kids love wooden teething toys, blocks and stacking items. We love them because they are free of the gross toxins in plastic.

Natural Diapers - We used cloth diapers before life got busy with 2 babies. We now use organic diapers that are free of chemicals.

Organic Hair Products - I have found some wonderful hair products that don’t have any added chemicals, but are strong enough to get grape jelly out of toddler hair.

What are a few of your favorite Under the Nile products? 

You can never have too many blankets with two babies running the house. I adore the red-striped receiving blanket from Under the Nile. I am also in love with their baby buddy teething toys, and their Scrappy cats.

Being a new mom can be exciting, overwhelming and sometimes a little lonely. This new blog series from Under the Nile is designed to showcase real stories from new moms. Twice a month, we will introduce you to a new mom and give you an inside look at her world. Our goal is to add a little inspiration to your already busy lives. Check back regularly to explore more stories from new moms.


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