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New Mom Moments: Preparing for Your Third Baby

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New Mom Moments is a new series where we feature real stories from new moms.

We sat down with Katie Sager to discuss the joys and challenges of having her third baby. Katie is a Wedding Planner who is raising three children in the St Louis area.

How many kids do you have? How old are they? What are their names?3 kids - 2 months, almost 2 (in march), and 5.  Logan, Charlie and Olivia (respectively)

Was this pregnancy easier or harder than your past pregnancies?
Pretty much the same.  Labor was different than the other two (and the last few weeks) but otherwise everything went smoothly like the other two did.

How did your life change when transitioning from having two kids to three?
Two to three is in my opinion easier than transitioning to one to two.  We had to get a stroller that would hold two as my two youngest are close together in age and the middle one is not at a stage where I can trust him in parking lots yet.

That, and my sleep has drastically decreased, but somehow with each of them, moms can make it through this first stage and then it gets better.  

How did you prepare for your third baby that was different than preparing for your other kids?
To be honest, we didn't prepare that much at all.  I organized and got clothes ready to sell for the gender we weren't having, and did a lot of purging and organizing in the house since we were losing our guest bedroom/storage closet, but we didn't do too much until about two weeks prior to his arrival.  Including ot checking the expiration date on our car seat until we got to the hospital!  With your third, it's a bit more second nature to you on hospital bags, what you need, etc, so most of my shopping was done in the last week when I knew my time was coming close to an end.  

What is your favorite part about being a mom?
Watching every stage they go through.  You think you have a favorite stage and then they change and you love the next one just as much.  I love watching my oldest learn to read and practice math, and also her creativity through art, as that is something that means a lot to me and my family history.

What is the best advice you would offer first-time moms?
Trust your gut instincts when it comes to your child and their care.  

You will become a supermom in everything you do.  We are the best multitaskers to get things taken care of with your little and around the house.

Be open to your plan during labor.  Trust in your team and the feelings your body is going through, but go in wanting the best option for your little one versus a full out birth plan, and you will be able to relax a little more knowing they will help you make whatever decisions are necessary when the time comes.

What toys and gear are most popular in your house?
With three, gear that keeps the third off the ground is the best.  So we have rock and play, bouncers, swings and eventually we will have a jumper back.  We love activity mats when they are this young but as they get older we have a play kitchen, train sets, and so much more these days.

What does a typical day in your house look like?
My oldest goes to preschool three days a week so on those days we all take her to school and then come back and play until about 11am.  We do lunch from 11-12ish and then my middle one takes a nap until it's time to go get my daughter from school.  We aren't on a schedule with my newborn yet, so we fit his feedings and naps in between this time.  After school, the two oldest play in our play area or do a craft until my husband gets home and we have dinner.  Both go to bed around 7:30-8 each night.

How do you manage your schedule and find balance while parenting?
The balance is something that is always being worked on.  I think that is going to be true no matter where you are in your life.  We have calendars on our phone and I have a paper calendar as well to match sports, school, doctor appointments, and then adult events like galas, meetings for my work, etc.

What are some of your best self-care tips for moms?
It is ok to take time for yourself without the kids.  Whether that is a night out with girl friends, just going to get a mani or pedi where it's quiet, or going to target by yourself, sometimes we as moms need that reset where you have quiet to think of your thoughts and to-do's and just breathe outside of the house for a little bit.

What is your best advice for moms who are managing multiple kids and a new baby?
Lean on your support system whenever you are able to (we have done this for doctor appointments) and also friends that may be able to help get your oldest in school.  Try to give one on one time to each of the older kids during that newborn stage so they feel included and important as well.

Being a new mom can be exciting, overwhelming and sometimes a little lonely. This new blog series from Under the Nile is designed to showcase real stories from new moms. Twice a month, we will introduce you to a new mom and give you an inside look at her world. Our goal is to add a little inspiration to your already busy lives. Check back regularly to explore more stories from new moms and get helpful tips for parents.


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