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Natural Parenting A Series: Skin

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My daughters are all grown up, and no grandbabies as of yet...(hoping)
In preparation for future grandma-hood I have been researching and compiling a list of green, baby safe products that I will be purchasing when the time comes, and would like to share this list with you!

1) Sun screen - Growing up in the Arizona sun and always in the pool, I don’t ever remember putting on sun screen! And - now I’m paying the price. I would tell everyone and anyone, to put sun screen on your entire family all year round. However, be mindful of the ingredients that go into it. Badger Balm has been around forever and I trust their natural formulas. You can find out about every ingredient they use for all their products right on their website.


2) Organic Soap  / Body Wash - I have rosacea and very sensitive skin and have tried many organic soaps and was just not happy with any of them. Imagine how much more gentle your baby's skin is!  I was more than excited when Maia from Gimme the Good Stuff recommended Dr. Bronner’s 4-in-1 Organic Sugar Soap on her blog… I immediately fell in love! It's made of simple ingredients that I can actually pronounce, and the best part is that it's sensitive enough for my rosacea and it does not dry my skin out. Yes, It’s meant for babies, but great for me too! If you plan on buying this for your baby, it's great for washing hair as well. No need to buy soap and shampoo!


 3) Diaper Rash Cream- When I can use one product for many different things, I’m all for that! It saves time, space, and gives me peace of mind. I have heard nothing but amazing reviews for the Green Goo’s Baby Balm. It’s 100% all natural, “fragrance free”, “chemical free” and can be used for diaper rash, eczema, cradle cap, cuts & scrapes, and even dry skin. A safe natural go to cream for almost everything for your baby.

Maia James, founder of Gimme the Good stuff is my go-to resource if in doubt about certain products or ingredients. If you’re not on her e-mail list I would highly recommend it. The best thing I like about this resource is that Maia has investigation capabilities into finding products that sell as “natural” but really have ingredients in them that are not so natural at all. Maia calls it “The Sneaky Stuff”.


4) Baby Wipes - I may be partial here, because I make a great organic cotton reusable baby wipe. Re-usable wipes are great for a lot of reasons. They are cost effective, create less waste, and helps to avoid all the chemicals found in disposable wipes. They are easy to use at home and out and about. All you will need to do is take a small spray bottle with you or pre-moisten them before you leave and put them into a small wet bag.


5) Washing Machine Soap- Nellie’s washing detergent – when we had our headquarters in Northern California, I contemplated selling other organic and natural products on my website. One of the products we were considering was natural washing machine soap. We did a comprehensive investigation into different washing machine brands by ingredients and had everyone in our office try samples for their laundry. The winner hands down was Nellie’s Washing detergent. 

6) Toothpaste -  When my youngest was a wee baby, I found out that she was allergic to mint by the simple act of brushing her teeth. Back then, there was only one toothpaste on the market that was made with ingredients approved by me. It was called Tom’s of Main, and they had the best strawberry flavored toothpaste ever! I could attest to it because I even brushed my teeth with it! Back then it was owned by Tom and Kate Chappell from Main but was later sold to corporate giant Colgate. I like to support smaller family owned companies so when I had the opportunity to get some tooth paste samples from Jack and Jill at the San Francisco Green festival, I did. And both my daughter and I approved. I like that their toothpaste doesn’t have sugar, fluoride, or artificial preservatives. It’s even safe to swallow!

I'm passionate about finding natural clean alternatives to all skincare, and am constantly learning more. If you have something to share, or want to learn about - let us know below! 

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  • Lisa Grant: April 29, 2019

    These are things that sometimes we don’t think about, it’s great that you pointed these out. The only item I won’t use would be Dr. Bronner’s & its because of what they support. There are plenty of choices for awesome organic washes though! The sad thing is, many of the options available in stores are ‘greenwashed’, meaning they say they are natural, but sneak ingredients in that are far from what we’d want to put on our babies. All the more reason to support small stores!

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