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When people hear baby, often the first thing that comes to mind is their supple, soft skin and that unmatched fresh, new baby scent.  
Far more sensitive than ours, baby’s skin deserves only the best. And, it's just as important to protect baby’s skin starting from day one. Here are some tips and products every mom needs to know:
Don’t Bathe Baby Too Often 
While adults tend to bath daily (unless you’re the mom of a newborn), a common misconception is that baby needs a daily bath too. According to Karl Neumann, MD, a pediatrician at Forest Hills Pediatric Associates, “Two or three times a week is plenty.”
“Of course, clean the diaper area as often as necessary. Frequent bathing may dry out the skin and remove oils and other substances that protect against infections and other irritants.”
Chunky Baby Rolls
Aside from the goo’s and gah’s, everyone loves babies for their rolls. While everyone else seems to want to lose any excess fat they have, everyone loves chunky babies, but be sure to pay close, special attention to not only cleaning the spaces in between baby’s rolls, but removing any excess moisture that might get trapped there, too. At three months, when baby starts to drool more frequently, this can become especially troublesome (and a wee bit gross) when food particles and milk creep into those baby folds we all love.
Diaper Cream
Organic Night Cream
After months of searching for the right organic skin care partner to match our organic Egyptian Cotton, we found it with Badger Balm.
We love Badger because they offer organic, natural products, sustainable packaging and their ethical business model that offers healthy and safe skin care for baby. Plus, their products are never tested on animals! 
Badger Diaper Cream is the best on the market, sustainable and perfect for baby.
Diaper rash often occurs when diapers are too tight or wet diapers stay on too long. To further help reduce the occurrence of diaper rash, keep the area open to air as long as possible and check frequently for wet diapers and change them as soon as you notice it is wet.
Sweet Dreams 
Organic Night-Night Balm
A safe, organic and soothing bedtime balm for baby and toddler, featuring essential oils traditionally used to calm and relax. Badger Night-Night Baby Balm promotes peace and calm after a busy day of growing and learning. It's a great addition to your bedtime routine with baby after a night-time bath.
Active Essential Oils in Night-Night Cream:
  • Lavender and Chamomile are common herbs that help soothe baby to sleep
  • Mandarin uplifts baby’s spirits and promotes a calming of the mind
  • Spearmint calms, centers and settles the active mind of kiddos
  • Sandalwood evokes a feeling of comfort and reverence with the sleeping world.
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