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One of the most important (and fun) things to do in preparation for a new baby is shop for your newborn’s layette, which is basically your baby’s first wardrobe collection and associated items.

If you’re going to be a new mom, you may not be aware of all the things you’ll need to keep your little bundle of joy warm and comfy. No worries! Use our suggestions below as sort of a layette clothing checklist, to help you prepare for your baby’s arrival.

This is your baby’s first outfit, so make it comfy yet stylish! You’ll want a complete ensemble: onesie, coverall, jacket or sweater, hat and booties or socks. Have a bunting bag or blanket ready in the car seat too, depending on the weather.

You might know these as “Onesies™” but they’re generally known as Bodysuits (Did you know that word is actually trademarked by Gerber?!) Bodysuits are a staple item for every baby, and are essential to keeping the baby feeling snug and warm. Get 6-8 short sleeved, and the same amount in long sleeved ones. Look for ones that have side-snaps or lapped shoulders which make it easier to get over baby’s noggin (Parenting  pro-tip: the lapped shoulders are really handy for pulling the bodysuit down rather than over the head when you need to change baby after a diaper blow-out).

Until the umbilical cord stump falls off, shorter T-shirts will avoid aggravating that sensitive area, and help speed up the cord drying-out process. Look for long-sleeved ones with fold-over mittens that prevent the baby’s sharp nails from scratching. Side-snap t-shirts are great when you need to change a sleeping Baby because you don’t have to fuss with pulling a t-shirt over Baby’s face. Quantity: 6-8.

These are great for pairing with a T-Shirt and keeping those cute little toes nice and toasty. It’s a good idea to have about 6-8 pairs on hand.

Keep your little one protected! Get 5-7 adorable hats, separate no-scratch mittens, and plenty of booties and socks.  

Depending on the climate, choose newborn gowns, footed onesies or coveralls, convertible rompers, and anything that you can unsnap for a quick, undisturbed diaper change. 6-8 should get you through the week.

Convertible rompers are great snapped up for play time, and then unsnapped as a comfy nightgown allowing for easier late-night diaper changes. Rompers are a perfect and easy playtime outfit. Consider having about 6-8 rompers.

You might want 4-5 front-buttoning cardigans of varying thickness.



You can never have enough burp cloths. They’ll become a fixture that you keep stashed everywhere around the house and you will use them for everything! Have about 10-20 on hand.

You’ll need plenty of blankets. Get 6-8 receiving blankets that are lighter and great for swaddling. Pick up a several heavier blankets for the crib, around the house, and the car. A bunting bag or sleep sack is a great way to keep the youngster warm outside or in the car too.

Bath time is a great way to soothe and bond with Baby, so it’s always best to have a supply of soft towels that you keep just for Baby. Stock up on plenty of soft washcloths and cute hooded towels to keep baby’s head warm. Probably 5-7 of each will suffice.

Do I Really Need All This Stuff?

You may be thinking, “How does something so tiny need so many things?” You have to remember that babies need a lot of comfort, warmth, and protection. Also, when they’re not sleeping, they are engaged in activities that are…well, messy! You’ll need a fresh, clean supply of everything…fast. (Plus, you might not have a chance to be doing extra loads of laundry while you’re busy bonding with Baby)

Click here for a nice, simple and printable list!

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Was there anything in particular that you loved having, or wished you had when your baby was born? Do you see anything missing from this layette list for newborns?

We'd love to hear your comments below!


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