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How to Relax and Create Holiday Memories for You and Baby

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The winter season is here and brings warm and cozy moments with it, along with the desire to stay tucked inside at home. Holidays with a newborn can become tricky with up-ended routines and new faces in crowds of friends and family. However, there is a way to enjoy the busy season and make delightful memories with your baby without sacrificing your peace of mind.

Be realistic with routines

Setting a routine -- even a relaxed routine -- will give you something to fall back on when everything else feels out of your control. Prepare a bag with comfort items that signal your routines for last minute and on-the-go moments: lavender lotion, a favorite blanket, a snack, a playlist on your phone of special songs, and a lovey like our Organic Cotton Snuggle Bunny Lovey . Routines can also be a great excuse when you just need to find a way to “say no.” And remember to be easy on yourself if life gets off track -- you can always rely on the routine to bring you back to a calm center.

Boundaries can be beautiful

Well-meaning family and friends might end up in your personal space uninvited. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries ahead of time and stick to them. It’s easier for people to understand when you are consistent. Family can appear like strangers to little ones and the chaos of crowds is overwhelming. Decide who you can trust to hold or interact with your baby -- and for how long. Be aware of your surroundings and what makes you comfortable, physically and emotionally. If it’s stressful for you, it will be just as stressful for your little one.

Be prepared

In busy times - accidents can and will happen. Keep an extra set of clothes for both you and baby on hand, especially when out and about at holiday parties or events. You’ll be able to enjoy the festivities without worry when a back-up plan is in place. Think ahead and dress comfortably, especially for your baby. It can be tempting to reach for the fancy velvet dresses and scratchy suits but something soft and simple, like the 100% Egyptian cotton essential side snap footie could make all the difference -- from quick changes to all over ease.

Self care is key

Taking care of yourself from the inside out will build a firm foundation for when life gets unpredictable. Getting enough sleep, hydrating, and eating well and regularly are obvious basics but often the first to get left out in the winter cold. You’ll feel great and have the energy to celebrate this precious time with your little one and fully embrace the wonderful memories ready to be made this holiday season.


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