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Fourth of July Eco-Friendly Fun!

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Fourth of July weekend is all about warm weather, good food, and fun times outside with family and friends. We're talking sunshine and summer hats and barbecues. With all of the hoopla and festivities, sometimes it's easy to be wasteful and not even realize it until after the fact. Whether you're hosting a grand shindig at your house or having a more intimate gathering with loved ones, here are some tips and fun ideas to celebrate Fourth of July with as little impact as possible. 

1. Buy local and choose ethically sourced meat or meat-free options

(photo from Six Sisters)

Although it might sound crazy to some folks, veggie kebabs made with fresh farmers market vegetables are a super delicious alternative to grilled meats. Try this easy and yummy recipe from Six Sisters. Kids love them too!

2. Chill out with some organic home made sweet treats

(photo from Inhabitot)

A lot of the regular store-bought popsicles are jam-packed with artificial ingredients. But it's so easy to make a cool treat you AND your little one can enjoy. Check out these 30 different flavor ideas from Inhabitot!

3. Use real or biodegradable plates

(photo from Susty Party)

For smaller gatherings, using real plates and cloth napkins not only brings the class level of the affair up a notch, but prevents a lot of unnecessary throw-away. For easy clean up with a large group of guests, consider biodegradable plates and utensils. Susty Party has environmentally friendly party supplies that are also super cute!

Also, using large containers for water and drinks instead of individual cans of soda and water bottles encourages reusing glass bottles and eliminates waste. 

4. Stay cool-- at the beach or lake, not the pool


It can be tempting to jump into a pool on a hot day, but pools are unfortunately super wasteful and contribute to water loss. Choosing a natural body to soak your feet in instead can help save this precious resource. 

5. Eco-friendly DIY activities for kids

(photo from Reading Confetti)

Lighting fireworks isn't the healthiest or safest activity. Luckily, Buzzfeed has compiled an awesome list of 14 Safe Alternatives to Fireworks! Our favorites are the sprinkle fireworks, straw rockets, and you can never go wrong with a festive spin on the classic bubbles

6. Reuse and Recycle

(photo from Party Pinching)

Save your awesome Independence Day decorations and use them again next year! The best thing about 4th of July is the colors and theme never change. And don't forget to recycle after the party's over!


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