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Family-Friendly Activities And Events For Earth Day

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On April 22, 1970, millions of Americans gathered across the country to celebrate the very first Earth Day.

It was the fruition of an idea Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson had after the 1969 oil spills in California. He spearheaded an effort to harness the energy of the student anti-Vietnam war movement, and meld it with a growing awareness of ecology, in order to bring environmental protection to the political center stage.

Today, Earth Day has grown to be the world’s largest non-religious day of observance, with billions of people celebrating and taking action.

Here are some suggestions on how you can get involved, and have fun with your family this Earth Day, April 22nd, with the theme “Environmental and Climate Literacy”. 

Creative Crafts That Nourish

You know how the little ones love to do crafts. Earth Day projects are fun and offer you a teaching opportunity without them even knowing it!

These Crafty Cow bird feeder projects, and this PBS butterfly feeder will build great family memories and long-lasting reminders about creativity, recycling, and giving back to nature. 

Or if you’re a little more ambitious, try your hand at solar cooking. Follow these simple steps to make an “oven” out of a box and other materials you have around your house. Your kids will love it!

Get Your Hands Dirty

Take a day off from trying to keep your kids clean. Let them get down in the dirt digging - to plant a tree, pot some plants, start a small garden, or a window box herb garden if you have no yard.

Participate in any clean-up programs in your community, or adopt a spot in your neighborhood that needs a little help. Bring some garbage pics, gloves and a rake, and get to work cleaning and sprucing.

Get Involved In Community Events

If supporting science important to you, take the family to Washington D.C. – or check on satellite events in a city near you - to participate in the March for Science.

Make a difference where you live, by organizing a march, a teach-in, or other events in your neighborhood. Download one of Earth Day Network’s toolkits with great ideas, resources and more to make your event fun and effective. Be sure to register to become an official partner with Earth Day Network.

Passing The Torch

This April 22nd, whatever you do, you and your family will be participating in this amazing legacy of grassroots activism creating real change. It’s a great opportunity to bond, while teaching the next generation about environmentalism, and the importance of caring for everyone’s favorite parent – Mother Earth.

Give your little one a lovable humpback whale to love, and learn about protecting endangered species.

 What plans do you have for Earth Day? Comment below to share your ideas! 


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