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All about the Gold Seal of Egyptian Cotton

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Under the Nile has always used organic Egyptian cotton, it's part of what makes us so unique and sets us apart from all the other baby clothing companies.

Certified "White Gold"

Our cotton fibers underwent intense DNA testing to be confirmed as authentic Egyptian. We're the first (and currently the only) baby clothing company in the world who is authorized to use this certification. We not only like to set trends in the baby fashion world, we set standards. Read the original press release about our certification here.

Why did we go through all that trouble? Last year, major controversy broke out in the Egyptian cotton industry when it was discovered that some major sheet suppliers were fraudulently mislabeling their sheets as Egyptian cotton, even though they were using regular cotton! That got us pretty concerned. We know our customers trust us to bring the best quality cotton baby clothing, but we wanted to help them verify that as well. That's why we decided to immediately start working with our supplier to get our cotton certified with the Gold Seal of Egyptian Cotton by The Cotton Egypt Association

Everyone knows that Egyptian cotton is considered the best cotton in the world. But do you know why?

You've heard of cotton fibers, right? They're the short little strands that are spun together to make threads, which are then woven or knit into fabric. Egyptian cotton has particularly long fibers (actually, they're called Extra Long Staple fibers, or ELS)  which is what gives Egyptian cotton such amazing softness and durability. ELS fibers can be spun into threads and yarns without losing strength.

Here's the most important part about Egyptian cotton: it must be grown in Egypt! The combination of this special ELS cotton seed and Egypt's unique climate produces a harvest of uniquely long and strong ELS fibers. Only about 1% of all the cotton in the world is considered authentic Egyptian, according to the USDA.

Taking it a Step Further

If you're familiar with our products, you know that our clothing and toys are noticeably soft compared to other companies. But now, we've gone even further and now exclusively use combed cotton. This means that the cotton is literally combed before spinning into yarns, so all the fibers are lined up, smoothed into one direction and impurities are combed away. This makes for a nice, smooth and consistent knit for ultra butter-soft fabric. 

We are the only baby clothing and toy company that uses this great combination: organic Egyptian combed cotton. We can proudly say that our products are distinctly softer than others.


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