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Baby Yoga: Exercises for Babies and Kids

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Yoga is a holistic exercise that 36.7 million Americans practiced in 2016. It not only strengthens and tones the body, but fosters mental and spiritual awareness and centeredness.

Daily yoga sessions with your infant will help them sleep better, increase brain, digestive, and nervous system development, stimulate awareness and use of their core, and strengthen their bond with you through synesthesia.  

As your child grows, yoga can continue to help by: increasing the control baby has over their body, build their strength, and help develop motor skills.

The Early Stages

After being curled up in the womb for 3/4 of a year, gentle stretches will help infants navigate the space around them, while discovering their own body-movement connection.

A great time to help baby be aware of their body is when they wake up in the morning, after you have changed them.

Lie baby on her back and gently extend her arms over her head while at the same time stretching her legs straight. After holding for a second or two gently release the pose and allow her to move her arms and legs on her own.

Another great stretch while she’s on her back is to softly bend her knees by pressing lightly on the bottoms of her feet and guiding her knees towards her chest. Hold for a moment or two, and then release. This exercise can also be done one leg at a time, waiting a second or two before switching legs to help baby become fully aware of which leg is moving.

Older Babies

As your child develops physically and is able to roll over and hold up her head (generally around 5 months) you can begin to introduce the Bridge posture. Laying on her back, gently bend her knees in (with her feet on floor), then gently guide the hips up to create a straight “bridge” extending from the shoulders to hips.

Once your baby starts to crawl, she may be ready to try Downward-Facing Dog. Place her gently on her tummy and gently try to get her to get on all fours. Do it yourself beside her so she is encouraged to copy your movements. Show her how to lift the buttocks up while pressing down on hands and feet. Give her lots of encouragement while she tries to mimic your posture.

Keep It Fun And Easy

With gentle guidance, your child will also experiment with postures that are natural for her body. Never force your child into a stretch she is uncomfortable with, and above all, be patient and loving as she explores the wonderful miracle that is her body.

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