Dressing Baby for Spring

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5 tips for keeping baby comfy, healthy, and chic in the springtime

1. Layering

It's often unpredictable, and the weather in spring can make dressing baby every day a challenge-- will it be sunny? Clear but chilly? Cloudy with a chance of cats and dogs? You could check the weather report every five minutes, or you could layer for easy on-and-off when the sun is playing peek-a-boo with you.

Our team at Under the Nile put together some ideas from our collections available online to demonstrate.

Mix and match a long sleeve babybody with a snap bottom sleep sac, or layer a sage short sleeve babybody under a muslin side tie kimono for a little pop of color. 


2. Bright Colors and Patterns

Spring is the perfect time to put away the neutral tones for a bit and bring out the big bold colors! These are some of our favorite pieces from our Hot Air Balloons, Curious Chameleons, and Baby Birds collections.

3. Skull Hats for Little Heads

Light cotton hats keep baby's head warm, but not too warm. Since babies haven't developed a fully functional heating and cooling system yet, it's important to make sure they're covered and cool.

4. Booties for Tiny Feet

Keep baby's toes from getting cold with some soft booties that stay on, even with all that kicking!

5. Spring Toys for Teething and Learning

With flowers and plants a-bloom everywhere, it's fun to have toys around for babies and kids that are also colorful and full of life! Fruits, veggies, and bunnies are a few of our favorites this time of year. Not to mention, getting baby used to gnawing on greens is never a bad idea.


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