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Now Trending: Baby Sprinkles

Now Trending: Baby Sprinkles

Who says firstborns get all the love? While full-blown baby showers are typically held for first time mommies-to-be, a baby sprinkle is a great way to celebrate a second or third child—a low key event that still allows close friends and family to shower mom with love.

Cloudy with a chance of diapers

A relatively informal affair, a sprinkle stocks repeat parents—or “sprinkles” them— with the necessities, like diapers and other essentials (although big ticket items prooobably won’t be turned away). It’s also an opportunity to help prep them for a new gender. There isn’t a registry, and proper sprinkle etiquette is always changing, so if you’re unsure about what to get to welcome in the new baby just ask Mom.

Let’s get this party started

Because it’s so chill, planning a sprinkle is a great opportunity to let Mom decide what kind of a party she wants. Check with her first, to see what she’s comfortable with and who she wants to be there—since it’s a baby shower lite, it won’t be necessary to go crazy with guest lists, themes, favors and entertainment. But there are some fun games to keep the party going, and to engage the older sibling(s) and introduce them to the world of brother/sisterhood. Unlike a shower, a sprinkle is usually co-ed and allows all members of the family a chance to participate and celebrate the newest addition.

Let the celebration begin!


Alisha Blake

I think that a sprinkle can be totally GREEN!!!! You could have each person bring a used baby item or article of clothing to pass on to your new baby as a way to resuce, reuse, recycle. You could even get friends and family members together for a baby gear swap at your sprinkle to exchange used items. Going green is about being creative and could include green items like sustainable foods, tanleware, or decorations. It doesn’t hVe to jut include gifts. Under The Nile; you have a great product, and a great message. Please don’t let mothers like Natali get to you :)

Alisha Blake

Wonderful idea. As a mom of multiple children, I know every parent can use items for a new baby. Ask! If they cloth diaper they may need a few more. Maybe brothers clothing was turned into a keepsake quilt and new sister could use a few outfits. This can also be a good opportunity to introduce your non green friends and family to green/organic items. My children and I brought several items to our last baby sprinkle. Including Bambo Nature diapers and a Scrappy puppy! Gift your own gently used baby clothing. It’s all about showing them you love them and welcoming a new life!

Alisha Blake

Thanks for the comment, Natali. We think one of the most awesome things about a Sprinkle (and Shower) party is that friends and family take the time to gather and celebrate new life.
Sprinkles are generally a low key event that help parents who may not still have things from their last baby (many parents pass items along to friends and family after Baby grows out of items). In the end, we’re social beings who love to get together and celebrate. We think it is more than possible to live a ‘green’ lifestyle and still enjoy the fun things in life like a good party!
We definitely appreciate your comment, as it sparks a great blog topic of how to have a sustainable baby shower!
Thank you very much for your feedback, it helps us improve our company and we truly appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. :)

Alisha Blake

How wasteful and NOT green in anyway. Parents don’t need showers to begin with let alone one for their 2nd, 3rd, 4th baby. I am sad that you would even post such a thing being an organic company that cares about the environment. How about reusing and repurposing what you already have. Ugh…it is a big let down when companies that are supposed to be green send out messages like this.

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