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Presents or Presence?

Black Friday has become a pretty scary scene in the last several years. People camp outside stores for days leading up to Black Friday, trample over their fellow shoppers, and wreak consumer havoc just to get a good deal. We convince ourselves that buying some mass produced item shows our love. In reality, the intangible things like quality time and special memories actually create lasting bonds, not material items. It’s an interesting paradox - people choosing “presents over presence.”

Go ahead and search for some Black Friday videos on YouTube from 2014. Pretty frightening. We know Under the Nile customers don't want to be associated with something like that. That’s why we're inviting you to join us for a Green Friday!

We promise!

At Under the Nile, we work hard to make sure that everything we offer is sustainable. A lot of extra time is spent to make sure we comply with many different standards so we can get as many certifications as possible. This means you can rest easy while you’re shopping, knowing that you’re supporting an ethical community and sustainable company.

Every item at Under the Nile is made from 100% Egyptian organic cotton. That means that there are no pesticides or harsh chemicals used at any point while growing the cotton for our products. The cotton is grown at a fair trade farm in Egypt, called Sekem. Sekem provides comfortable and safe working conditions for all their employees, as well as good health care and daycare for children. Not only is the cotton grown at Sekem, but our products are made right there at the farm, too! That way we can promise that our products are made by fair trade workers in every stage, from cotton seed to cover stitch.

We’re also certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. The GOTS certification means you can trust that we are environmentally and socially responsible in all of our manufacturing and distribution. We guarantee that no toxic chemical are used in any part of our production. Even our hangtags and garment bags are held to the highest GOTS standard, so you know that every part of our product is good for people and the planet.

Take the Green Friday Challenge!

Under the Nile is taking a stand against Black Friday. Before buying that next gift, ask yourself: Where did this come from? What is it made of? Who made this? Try to envision the person who made the product and what their life might be like. Every item has a background that becomes part of your life when you make that purchase – what do you want your story to be?

We’re challenging ourselves, our customers, and our entire retail community to have a GREEN Friday. What does this mean? Shop only at small businesses, buy products that are good for people and the planet, make your own gifts, OR don’t worry about presents at all and spend time with your family and friends this Thanksgiving weekend. There is a great spectrum of sustainability and we want you to find your place in it!

To join this movement with us, use #greenfriday on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to share how you plan to have a more sustainable day on Friday, Nov 26!


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