Six Reasons to Love Under the Nile Rugs!
Six Reasons to Love Under the Nile Rugs!

Six Reasons to Love Under the Nile Rugs!

  1. They're handmade! A team of expert craftsmen have been making our organic rugs for over 17 years on old fashioned looms at our organic & fair trade farm in Egypt. The old fashioned looms were constructed right there in the same shop where items like our Tool Box, Pencil Box and Veggie Crate are made!


  1. Our rugs are all made of scraps from our clothing production. Our master rug makers in Egypt tie the scraps together to make long strips, and then weave them together by hand on the loom.


  1. When you buy a rug from Under the Nile, you’re contributing to a community that provides comfortable and safe working conditions, as well as health care and child care. Meet our team of master rug weavers! Mahmoud M, Ibrahim, Mahmoud S and Mohamed are the faces behind the looms that carefully craft every rug and play mat with top quality. 


  1. They come in a great selection! We have an array of solid off-white and colors as well as unique patterns and multi-colors. You can mix and match for super funky home décor, or get all matching rugs if you get them before they’re gone!


  1. You can machine wash and dry them! They get softer and softer with each wash. We like to put the smaller ones in the dryer and hang the larger one to dry. Most rugs aren't able to be cleaned so easily!


  1. There are so many different ways to use our rugs! For example . . .
    • They work great in the house for the whole family, giving a warm and soft buffer between your bare feet and the cold floor in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and hallways. This is owner Janice Masoud's mother with a rug that has lasted her over 10 years!

    • Use them to decorate your Baby and or Kid’s rooms! They make a comfy playing surface in colors that kids love!
    • The smaller rugs are perfect for a mom-on-the-go who needs a mobile changing surface that she knows is healthy for Baby’s skin.
    • One of our customers even uses them to cover her couch so it is protected from her cat’s scratching and shedding! Score points for creativity!


How do you use your Under the Nile rugs? We'd love to see your photos! Share them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by using #UndertheNile, and we might use them on our website!


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