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15 Things to do with baby in their first year

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One of the things we’re sure of as mothers, is that the days are long but the years are short.  

Your baby’s first year is both exhilarating and completely overwhelming. Your new bundle of joy is growing and changing every single day - which is why you want to capture every single moment. There are tons of things you can do to create lasting memories of your baby’s first year and we’ve compiled a list of 15 favorites.

Choose the items on our list that best fit your family and schedule time in your calendar to make it happen.

1. Record Your Baby’s Laugh and Cry

Babies make the sweetest and most interesting sounds as they grow. It won’t be long before they are babbling full sentences and that newborn cry will be nothing but a distant memory. Record your baby’s laugh and cry for a fun keepsake.

2. Send Birth Announcements

Sending birth announcements can feel like a time intensive chore, but it’s a great way to reconnect with family and friends. Create a simple announcement with pictures of your new little one and mail them out to all of the people you love.

3. Create Handprint Art

Get the paint and paper out to create a special keepsake that features their tiny hands and feet. This is a fun way to track how big they are growing over the years, and will be something you can look back on forever.

4. Go to the Park

Older babies can find great joy in discovering swings and slides for the first time, and it is a great opportunity to meet other moms. Pack a picnic lunch and spend a few hours connecting with your baby in nature.

5. Visit the Library

Most libraries offer free storytime for babies and smaller children. Stop by your local library to explore their books, and see what activities they offer for little ones.

6. Take a Monthly Photo

Monthly photos are a great way to track your baby's growth in their first year. Pick one day each month to snap a photo to showcase how your little one is growing. Pinterest has lots of creative ideas for monthly baby photos.

7. Make Music

Your baby is discovering new sights and sounds every single day. Pull out your pots, pans and wooden spoons so you can make some music together. Your baby will love making new sounds while improving their motor skills.

8. Go to the Museum

Most cities have a children’s museum with special sections for babies and toddlers. This can be a great way for you to spend the afternoon playing and learning with your baby. Find your local children’s museum and see what they have to offer.

9. Keep a Journal

Daily journaling can be a great way to track your babies growth and savor those everyday moments. It doesn't have to be complicated. Keep a notebook by your bed and take ten minutes each evening to capture a few highlights.

10. Host a Playdate

Invite a few other moms and their babies over for an afternoon playdate. You will get a chance to connect with other moms while your baby makes new friends. Put some blankets and toys on the floor, set out a few snacks and enjoy.

11. Visit the Zoo

Grab the stroller and head out for a tour of the zoo. Your baby will love discovering new animals, and you can take time to enjoy the outdoors. Most zoos have free or discounted days in the summer months, so check your local calendar.

12. Create a Memory Box

Set aside a small box to save keepsakes and memories throughout the year. At the end, you will have a keepsake memory box to fondly look over.

13. Dance!

Babies love music and movement. Dancing is a great way to connect with your baby and work off some energy. Turn the tunes up and get to grooving! Your baby will love the excitement and you will love the memory.

14. Sensory play

Create new opportunities for your baby to discover new parts of the world through sensory activities. Gather a mixture of soft, textured and silky materials for your little one to explore.

15. Create video memories

Pictures are great, but nothing beats capturing a special memory on video. Use your phone to take short videos of your daily life to create a time capsule celebrating your baby's first year.

What would you add to our list? How are you creating memories with your baby?


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