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Earth Day was first celebrated nearly 50 years ago. A grass-roots effort, it’s now recognized – and acted upon in some way – by an estimated one billion residents of the planet. While its growth is nearly unprecedented in global history, the real trick to Earth Day is to not just be concerned about the plant on a single day in April, but hold, share and act on a bigger concern about the plant all year round.

Keep your promise

Just like it’s easy – even exciting – to make a resolution on New Year’s Eve, the downside is slogging through that promise you made to yourself, your family, day after day. On Earth Day, we may resolve to use only glass bottles, but about six weeks in, those plastic water containers are looking not only convenient, but also enticing.

Making everyday Earth Day takes a bit of resolve; a bit of grit. As busy parents, it’s so easy to tell yourself ‘just this one time.’ It takes weeks of repetition to make a practice a habit, so make your resolution a habit, and stick to it.

Choose the big issues

Earth Day events are wonderfully inspiring, even fun for many families. We may plant a tree, for example, or together, clear up a neglected, littered parcel of public land. Yet these are not practical activities for every single day when the demands of work and school dictate our schedules.

So doing something a little more home-oriented may be – okay easier – but no less impactful. For example, maybe it’s time to let go of the ancient freezer that conveniently stores extra meals, but gobbles up tons more electricity than a newer, Energy Star appliance. And speaking of electricity, a quick browse will demonstrate ten or more ways to reduce your energy consumption.

You want the best for your family. Pursuing a little Earth Day thinking every day will impact your utility costs, as well as the larger picture – better energy use. After all, the history of the earth is made up of small actions, collectively, creating a big result. It just needs us to keep trying one step at a time.

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